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Natural ventilation with Louvre Windows is the most economical way of building ventilation, both economically and ecologically

Ventilation is so much more than the hectic tearing of windows at subjectively perceived bad air quality. Ventilation is to remove odors, CO2, heat and moisture from interior spaces. Individual well-being is most important - whether it is to support concentration, to regulate room temperature or just to breathe deeply.

As soon as it comes to the development of the interior, planners put a lot of time and energy into the development of an individual ventilation concept for their project. Then it is too late.

Building ventilation already starts with the facade design

Strictly speaking, it starts with the choice of windows. By use of Louvre Windows architects and designers are able to manage the smart ventilation in the early stages of project planning, when the focus is based mainly on design, lines and perspectives.

Louvre Windows have an added benefit of natural ventilation. Cross ventilation provides best ventilation quality possible. Horizontally running louvre blades lead to optimized climate control. The motor drives are precisely adjustable. 

In addition, Louvre Windows are fall protection safe and burglar proof – officially certified!

Integrated into modern building technology, Louvre Windows work as an air-conditioning system

During the summer, the building control system can cool down temperatures through Louvre Windows during night. Entering the rooms in the morning, they are pleasantly tempered and dehumidified - the odors of the previous day are gone. Learning at school, working in offices and seminar rooms has the best starting conditions. There is fresh air in production facilities, as well as in foyers, stairs, kindergartens and hospitals. In the private area, Louvre Windows climatize all living areas and sectors, especially in kitchens, winter gardens and bathrooms.

Independent studies have shown that the CO2 content in the room air correlates directly with our efficiency and the ability to concentrate. Coupled with a CO2 measuring device, Louvre Windows ensure that the air is exchanged whenever it is necessary. In schools, seminar rooms and offices, air exchange can be achieved up to 80% within just a few minutes. No need to wait for the next break, after the meeting or after office closure - but always when the CO2 concentration is too high.

Natural ventilation with Louvre Windows has a beneficial effect on your wellbeing

Natural ventilation systems offer the advantages of an air conditioning system - without their annoying disadvantages. This is how natural ventilation works without continuous hum and rattling. These so-called ambient noises affect the well-being in the long-run and lower the efficiency. In addition, Louvre Windows can be produced with a sound insulation glazing, which shields interior effectively from disturbing external noises.

Natural ventilation works without allergic persons having to worry about hygiene: Where there is no moisture in air outlets, filters and pipes, there is neither mold nor spores. Pathogenic organism feared especially during the cold season cannot come in through the piping as there is no such piping. Natural ventilation is used to lower the temperature just as far as it is healthy for the people. Outside hot and cold inside? The cold shock typical for air conditioning systems, which often leads to infamous summer sniffles, does not appear in buildings with natural ventilation rather than A/C.

In combination with special sun protection glass, Louvre Windows can once again improve their outstanding heat efficiency.

All these positive aspects of natural ventilation affect a holistic room climate that ensures well-being in all areas of life - in public as well as in private areas. At school, in the office, at production facilities, kindergartens, hospitals, event rooms and at home. Day and night.

With natural ventilation through Louvre Windows, you can air big areas out safely 

Louvre Windows have a very large opening area, which allows a quick air exchange during short time. Even in wind and draught when a standard casement window wing is getting dangerous, the full opening area of a Louvre Window can be used: Just avoid one possible risk easily.

If we are already at the subject of risks and danger: Nobody can accidentally fall through a Louvre Window – neither enter it from outside. Even with full opening, Louvre Windows offer fall and burglar protection and provide safety. In combination with building technology, Louvre Windows can also be integrated into an alarm system. 

The assembly of Louvre Windows is technically very simple. This also applies to maintenance: thanks to the large opening degree of louvre blades, they are easy to clean from the inside. The central pivot of louvres allows stability which ensures safety.

Louvre Windows ventilate naturally and precisely 

Louver Windows with motorized control allow a very precise regulation of the room climate as it is not possible manually. Depending on how the building technology is planned, electric or pneumatic drives for Louvre Windows are used. Low-noise, precise and reliable, fresh air flows in and used air out. Particularly in large rooms with large windows, motorized control is a very pleasant and user-friendly feature that offers comfort.

Natural ventilation with Louvre Windows is economical

Every building requires Windows – but not every building requires air condition. Why not install windows that already have the added benefit of air-conditioning? Louvre Windows save the costly air-conditioning planning for the building, avoid high acquisition and maintenance costs. Not only is the energy requirement to be assessed, but also the use of materials and personnel for regular maintenance. Air conditioning systems are a complex and expensive technology.

If you plan to use Louvre Windows instead of an air conditioning system, the schedule of each construction project will be more manageable, since one trade is completely omitted.

Natural ventilation is invisible – Louvre Windows are simply beautiful

Standing in front of a building with natural ventilation you can hear everything, but not the ventilation. Neither humming air conditioning on the roof nor in a hidden place next to the building. No pipes or ventilation grilles interfere with visual aesthetics. You see nothing and hear nothing - not from outside and not from inside - and that's good. Hardly anyone suspects that the design subject "window" is still working in a side job. 

What you see is the sophisticated louvre blade construction, either with framed aluminium blades or in Allglass look and you can be pleased about the great building design. Integrated into fixed glass surfaces or as a window strip in masonry constructions, Louvre Windows will provide honor to each building style. 

Natural ventilation is ecological

At a time when more and more attention is paid to the so-called "ecological footprint", the use of natural resources is indicated. Oxygen is available indefinitely. But is it really necessary to use energy to bring oxygen into a building? The use of electricity for A/C – no matter in which way the energy has been produced – does worse the ecological balance of a building. Louvre Windows are smart and ecologically worthwhile.

Louvre Windows for natural ventilation come from HAHN Lamellenfenster

HAHN Lamellenfenster is a leader in development and production of natural ventilation systems since 1953. Back in 1981 the family business has developed and built the world’s first insulated glazing Louvre Window. Since then, the ‘HAHN Lamelle’ has been a synonym for innovation and quality for architects and construction companies. 

Due to the possibility of implementing individual design specifications apart from the standard dimensions, cooperation with architects and window builders results in unimaginative new variations. Vertical louvres, horizontal louvres, raked louvres - everything is possible. The surfaces of the ultra-slim aluminum profiles can optionally be anodised or powder-coated. There are no limits to the design. 

Architects and builders love HAHN Louvre Windows – just as we do!

At HAHN Lamellen, service means above all competence and continuity.

HAHN Lamellen's expert consultants accompany architects, window manufacturers and building owners through all phases of a project. With many years of experience and technical expertise, they provide advice during all processes and support with exactly the information and files you need at the time. Individual requests and special dimensions are routine for us and do not upset anyone.


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