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HAHN Lamellenfenster GmbH

Hafenstraße 5 - 7  
63811 Stockstadt/Main

Tel. +49 6027 4162-0  
Fax +49 6027 4162-99  

e-mail: info@hahn-lamellenfenster.de 
Internet: www.hahn-lamellenfenster.de 

Engineering department Extension E-mail  
Matthias Ficht (Technical Manager) -10 m.ficht@hahn-lamellenfenster.de  
Dominik Schaupert -25 d.schaupert@hahn-lamellenfenster.de  
Selina Jakob -27 s.jakob@hahn-lamellenfenster.de  
Fabian Weippert (Production Manager) -14 f.weippert@hahn-lamellenfenster.de      
Sales Department Extension E-mail  
Thomas Skalka (Sales Manager) -22  t.skalka@hahn-lamellenfenster.de   
Raffaele Leonardi (National) -32 r.leonardi@hahn-lamellenfenster.de  
Roberto Togo (National) -11 r.togo@hahn-lamellenfenster.de  
Stefan Baranau (National) -34 s.baranau@hahn-lamellenfenster.de  
Melanie Schüssler (International) -21 m.schuessler@hahn-lamellenfenster.de  
Denice Goins (International) -26 d.goins@hahn-lamellenfenster.de  
Carina Harde (Order & Delivery) -15 c.harde@hahn-lamellenfenster.de  
Denis Sozenko (Order & Delivery) -31 d.sozenko@hahn-lamellenfenster.de  
Julia Gehl (Team Assistant) -20 j.gehl@hahn-lamellenfenster.de  

At HAHN Lamellen, service means above all competence and continuity.

HAHN Lamellen's expert consultants accompany architects, window manufacturers and building owners through all phases of a project. With many years of experience and technical expertise, they provide advice during all processes and support with exactly the information and files you need at the time. Individual requests and special dimensions are routine for us and do not upset anyone.


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