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Hahn S9-45°

Single glazed, louvre blades chamfered closing flush, point-fixed

The HAHN Louvre Windows S9-45° is a pure architectural design Louvre Window with 45° chamfered blades closing flush leading to a smooth glass surface.

84° max. opening with no additional blade frames surrounding provide as much free ventilation area as possible.


S9-45 connection detail "system"

S9-45 with standard frame

S9-45 with circulating clamping frame

S9-45 with circulating clamping frame and doubling up

S9-45 installation in masonry and plaster

S9-45 installation in on-site pipes

S9-45 installation in wooden frame

S9-45 with AMO-screw

Electrical control

S9-45 with standard drive LAH 65

S9-45 with standard drive LAH 65 double drive

S9-45 EA-L

S9-45 Elero

S9-45 Belimo

S9-45 HLA 165

Manual control

S9-45 WSS linear gears & crank rod

S9-45 Hahn-drive with crank

S9-45 OL320

S9-45 OL 90 Direkt

Pneumatic control

S9-45 Pneumatik

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