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Enjoy freedom of design. Build with sophisticated window technology.

Louvre windows
from HAHN Lamellenfenster

The big challenge for every building project is to present pioneering design that fulfills functional and economic requirements.

With louvre windows, a facade expands its purely aesthetic task and adopts functions such as ventilation, smoke extraction and air-conditioning.

Architects and constructors will find a huge selection of louvre windows with ultra-slim profiles at HAHN. 

Realize your vision of transparency and design. 

The wide range of HAHN louvre windows includes:

Different surface finishes

Customer defined dimensions

Different glazing solutions according to the requirements

Expert consultants provide support already during the design phase with all necessary information on planning assistance. 

An experienced team will be responsible for your tender and will assist you throughout all phases.

For HAHN Lamellenfenster it is important that your design is optimally implemented in terms of function and economic efficiency. 

HAHN louvre windows will always conform to the aesthetics of the building. Not the other way around.

This is what our good name stands for. HAHN louvre windows. The original, since 1953.

Still 100% Made in Germany.

Energy efficiency thanks to natural ventilation

Louvre windows can actually help reduce the energy consumption of a building. With an appropriate control for night cooling even air conditioning equipment can become superfluous.

Easy to clean

Louvre Windows can open up to 89°, allowing easy cleaning from the inside. No annoying move of furniture. No dangerous gymnastics at the open window.

Natural ventilation including fire smoke ventilation

Louvre Windows combine natural ventilation and fire smoke ventilation. By connection to building control, the smoke detector feedback opens the windows in case of fire. Thus escape routes are safe in the event of a fire, rescue teams have better visibility, hazardous gases and smoke are drawn off thanks to the large opening area.

Security inside and out

An obvious advantage: louvre windows, with appropriate glazing and sealing, protect building contents by providing protection against burglary. HAHN louvre windows also provide certified fall protection, because additional safety bars, which disturb the building aesthetics, are not required.

Air exchange during shortest time possible

Studies show that with Louvre Windows air exchange is possible up to 82% within a few minutes. CO2 out, pure oxygen in. This is the perfect solution for breaks in classrooms, offices, meeting- or waiting rooms. Fresh up your mind!

Avoiding accidents

Thanks to their construction, louvre windows create only minimal intrusion into interior spaces, so they do not cause obstructions. HAHN louvre windows offer enhanced safety by using motor drives that include anti finger trap protection.



Here we provide necessary support on HAHN Louvre Windows during the planning phase.



Everything you need to know about HAHN Louvre Windows during the installation phase.

HAHN Louvre Windows Top Seller



The Tairmo combines functionality and flexible design with UW values up to 0.9 W/m²K due to thermal broken aluminium profiles including PUR core inside. Triple glazed for best heat protection values.




The framed glass louvres of our S9-iVt-05 are convincing in regard to ventilation area, tightness and heat protection – double or triple glazed for average heat insulation values.




The advantages of the S9-iVt-05 (ventilation, tightness and heat protection) combined with an Allglass look suiting every aspect of modern façade constructions, double or triple glazed.




The cheapest solution for natural and smoke ventilation – wherever heat insulation is not an issue. Single glazed with overlapping louvre blades with slim side frames for best ventilation results.


At HAHN Lamellen, service means above all competence and continuity.

HAHN Lamellen's expert consultants accompany architects, window manufacturers and building owners through all phases of a project. With many years of experience and technical expertise, they provide advice during all processes and support with exactly the information and files you need at the time. Individual requests and special dimensions are routine for us and do not upset anyone.


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