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Single glazed, louvre blades overlapping, slim side glass Fixings. Louvre blade height 152 mm

The classic Louvre Window! Available with 152 mm blades and 6 mm (1/4 Inch) glazing, also available in single part delivery for assembly on site - standard dimensions lead to low cost.

Louvre blades are overlapping, also available with ellipsoid aluminium profiles for use as solar shading system.



Profiles Window frame        AL-/Steel profiles       
Louvre blade frame        Frameless
Dimensions         Frame width        min. 250 mm, max. 1180 mm
Frame height        min. 191 mm, up to any height       
Louvre blade height         152 mm       
Frame height        46 mm
Max. opening angle        105°
Glazing         Glazing        

 Single glass

Glass thickness        6 mm
Standard glazing        6 mm
Glass types        Float, Toughened
Alternative infill panels        Timber, aluminium
Operation           Manual, electrically, pneumatically
Surface          Anodised / sheradized / laquer coated
Performance         CE certified NRWG (EN 12101-2)
Aerodynamic Performance Cv
Air permeability (EN 12207)
Watertightness (EN 12208)
Resistance against wind load (EN 12210)       
Uw-value (EN ISO 10077)
Further characteristics       

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