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Louvre Window Tairmo

Triple insulation glass with thermal barrier, louvre framed

The first louvre window complying with EnEV 2012: this innovation of the Tairmo system is based on aluminium extrusions with large thermal breaks, insulated cores to the profiles and the exclusive use of triple glazing utilising ‘warm edges’ as spacers.

The Tairmo system provides multifunctional design modules in keeping with the modern maxim of ‘form follows function’. It combines contemporary design with natural, energy efficient ventilation.


Tairmo connection detail "system"

Tairmo standard frame

Tairmo with circulating clamping frame 24-40

Tairmo with circulating clamping frame 38-54

Tairmo installation in AWS 75 facade

Tairmo installation in AWS 70 facade

Tairmo installation in masonry and plaster

Tairmo installation in on-site pipes

Tairmo installation in wooden frame

Tairmo with AMO-screw

Electrical control

Tairmo with standard drive LAH 65

Tairmo EA-L

Tairmo Elero

Tairmo Belimo

Tairmo HLA 165

Manual control

Tairmo WSS linear gears & crank rod

Tairmo OL320

Tairmo conduction OL320

Pneumatic control

Tairmo Pneumatik

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