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Hahn Integral

Double or triple glazed, thermal broken, louvres framed. 24V Actuator invisibly integrated into vent frame


For the first time (patent registred) a centric running Louvre Window with actuator invisibly integrated into the vent Frame has been developed. The HAHN Louvre Window Integral actuator is easily accessible for maintenance or exchange if necessary. The characteristical appearance is based on framed aluminium louvre blades.

The Integral is certified for use as NSHV (Natural Smoke and Heat Ventilation) device according to EN 12101-2, furthermore it is available ball protection proof suitable for use in sports facilities (DIN 18032-3)

Profile        Window frame        AL-profiles, thermal broken
Louvre blade frame        AL-profiles, thermal broken       
Dimensions        Frame width        min. 250 mm, max. 1800 mm
Frame height        min. 520 mm, up to any height       
Louvre blade height        min. 150 mm, max. 350 mm
Frame depth        80 mm
Max. opening angle        83°
Glazing         Glazing        Insulated glass (double)       
Glass thickness        28 mm
Standard glazing        6 / 16 / 6
Glass types        Float, Toughened, Laminated, Semi-Tempered       
Alternative infill types        Insulated aluminium panel       
Operation          Manual, electrically
Surface          Anodised / PPC finish       
Performance         CE certified (EN 12101-2) Smoke vent       
Aerodynamic performance Cv 0,54
Air permeability (EN 12207) Class 3
Watertightness (EN 12208) Class 3A
Resistance against wind load (EN 12210)        Certified
Uw-value (EN ISO 10077) Uw (max) = 1,7 W/m2K
Further characteristics        Ball protection proof (DIN 18032-3)

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