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Louvre Windows adapt to building projects.
Construction companies appreciate the versatility, safety and handling.  

One of the main problems in construction projects is that architectural ideas by architects and builders come to the limits of technical feasibility. Often, fantastic facades which develop a very own identity are created on paper, but when it comes to construction they cannot be realized in the same style as planned.

HAHN Louvre Windows give leeway to unusual design ideas. On the one hand, they leave narrow standard dimensions and can be built according to individual dimensions. On the other hand, they are produced in a wide range of variations. The ultraslim profiles made of aluminum can be anodised or powder-coated, dual colour coated or with PVDF finish. Several different control types suiting all individual customer needs are available.

Additionally to the wide range of variable styles, types and sizes HAHN Louvre Windows are easy to install and maintain. Construction companies can be sure to get a natural ventilation system delivered ready to install.

The Louvre Windows are securely assembled after carrying out a few simple steps. Maintenance effort and –requirement is low.

The installation of Louvre Windows is simple

There are no impossible installation situations for us. Thanks to individual solutions, HAHN Louvre Windows adapt to the most diverse installation styles. Louvre frames will come prepared according to your installation needs to make installation as easy and quick as possible.

Louvre Windows are equipped with different controls

Customer demands and special project related requirements determine the type of operation. Louvre Windows are controlled either by hand lever, (detachable) linkage, electrically with 24 V or 230 V, with spring return drives or pneumatic control. Motor inside or outside,

UL-listed, finger trapping protection and connection to the building control panel are options.

Louvre Windows are available in different surfaces

Close to the sea with rough air conditions another surface treatment and –coating is required than for buildings in a city centre: HAHN Louvre Windows are available in different coatings:  anodized, powder-coated, dual colour coated or with PVDF finish.

HAHN louvres adapt to the facade design of your project and not conversely.

Louvre Windows score with low maintenance

In the area of ​​facility management, maintenance is a big part – but not for Louvre Windows. The windows need only regular cleaning, the pivot bearings need a lubrication with Teflon spray if necessary. An annual look at the smooth operation of louvre blades is sufficient. That’s it – no further maintenance needed. And most important: Everything can be carried out from inside of the building.

Simple and safe - the cleaning of Louvre Windows

As the louvres can be opened up to 89°, they are easy to reach and clean from the inside. For this, your customer does not have to move furniture with great effort and time, nor is there any danger of accidents during cleaning of vents (cleaning the outer pane of windows is one of the most dangerous reasons for household accidents!)

In addition: Louvre Windows are tested and certified with fall protection safety according to TRAV – even without additional security bars!

Louvre Windows from HAHN are 'Made in Germany'

As much components as possible of our Louvre Windows are purchased in Germany – this ensures that the production of HAHN Louvre Windows does not exploit people in wage dumping countries.

HAHN Louvre Windows are completely manufactured in Stockstadt close to Frankfurt am Main.

At HAHN Lamellen, service means above all competence and continuity.

HAHN Lamellen's expert consultants accompany architects, window manufacturers and building owners through all phases of a project. With many years of experience and technical expertise, they provide advice during all processes and support with exactly the information and files you need at the time. Individual requests and special dimensions are routine for us and do not upset anyone.


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