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HAHN Lamellenfenster GmbH

Hafenstraße 5 - 7  
63811 Stockstadt/Main

Tel. +49 6027 4162-0  
Fax +49 6027 4162-99  

e-mail: info(at)hahn-lamellenfenster(dot)de 
Internet: www.hahn-lamellenfenster.de 



Enineering departmentExtension
Matthias Ficht (Technical Manager) -10 m.ficht(at)hahn-lamellenfenster(dot)de
Dominik Schaupert-25 d.schaupert(at)hahn-lamellenfenster(dot)de
Selina Jakob-27 s.jakob(at)hahn-lamellenfenster(dot)de
Markus Fröhlich (Production Manager)-29 m.froehlich(at)hahn-lamellenfenster(dot)de
Sales Department Extension
Thomas Skalka (Sales Manager) -22 t.skalka(at)hahn-lamellenfenster(dot)de 
Raffaele Leonardi (National) -32 r.leonardi(at)hahn-lamellenfenster(dot)de
Roberto Togo (National)-11 r.togo(at)hahn-lamellenfenster(dot)de
Sebastian Zang (National)-23 s.zang(at)hahn-lamellenfenster(dot)de
Melanie Schüssler (International) -21 m.schuessler(at)hahn-lamellenfenster(dot)de
Denice Goins (International) -26 d.goins(at)hahn-lamellenfenster(dot)de
Andrea Volz (Order & Delivery) -31 a.volz(at)hahn-lamellenfenster(dot)de
Carina Moll (Order & Delivery) -15 c.moll(at)hahn-lamellenfenster(dot)de
Sandra Puster (Team Assistant) -20 s.puster(at)hahn-lamellenfenster(dot)de

Above all, for everyone at HAHN Lamellenfenster, service means competence and continuity

The specialist consultants at HAHN Lamellenfenster guide architects, window constructors and clients through all phases of a project. With many years of experience and technical expertise, they advise you during all processes and support you with exactly the information and data you need. At HAHN, individual wishes and tailor-made solutions are part of our everyday routine. And we look foward to every challenge.

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