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Dürrwang Caravan Centre, Dortmund

Meanwhile the move to the new Caravan Center took place. The centre has been carried out by the specialist for turnkey commercial and industrial construction for car dealers and workshops, administrative and production buildings, specialist markets and other commercial enterprises: Borgers Bau, based in Stadtlohn, Rödermark and Potsdam had the role as general contractor on this building. This ensured a perfectly matched and synchronised process, combining the highest efficiency with perfect timing.

Reliable partners are indispensable to achieve the perfect timing – the best theoretical planning counts for nothing if delivery times are exceeded thus causing disruptive delays on the constructon side.

The company responsible for the facade construction of the building, Lansing Metallbau, selected HAHN louvre windows for the ventilation after reviewing the available alternatives.

20 S9-iVt-05 louvre windows are integrated into the glass facade and are coupled to each other. The fastest possible air exchange is assured by the capability to open all louvres in less than 13 seconds.

The new construction of the caravan and camper exhibition hall with workshop and administration office was outlined by Lindner Lohse Architects from Dortmund. The total floor-space of the company was doubled by the new building to 40,000m², of which 2,000 m² is the new HAHN louvre-vented exhibition hall.

Further information on natural ventilation with HAHN Louvres can be found HERE.


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