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CECAD Cologne

This is an interdisciplinary research group of the University of Cologne as well as the MPI for the Biology of Aging, which deals with basic biomedical research on molecular mechanisms of aging and related diseases. Basic research on the basis of model organisms is indispensable for the derivation and development of therapeutic approaches of age-associated diseases.

The CECAD Research Center is located in immediate proximity to the Uniklinik (Teaching Hospital) Cologne and the Max Plank Institutes on the campus.

Since its opening in May 2013, it has been providing optimal research conditions on an international standard with state-of-the-art technologies, with around 10,600 m².

Following the designs of the Architectural Office gmp, headquartered in Hamburg, the building was designed with a clear façade structure with large-scale stone walls, dark aluminum glass façades and brass-colored metal fabric. Thus a change of closed and transparent elements in the area of ​​the directly adjoining student path was created and a self-evident reference to the public space was formed.

Due to the partial opening in the pedestal zone to the directly accessible areas of the building, such as entrance hall, lecture hall and cafeteria, a well-used communication area is created.

HAHN Louvre Windows S9-iVt-05 Allglass were installed on the roof top for night cooling of the building foyer. 16no windows, each with 5no louvres with solar glazing (matching the glazing of the remaining building) ensure the exchange of used air – for fresh ideas.

It is not necessary to dispense with design: The frameless HAHN louvres with black enameled seam ensure a flush design and continue the design of the building even to the roof

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