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Bouldercentre Munich

On 16th July 2016, the renowned the Munich City Championships in climbing and bouldering - a highlight of this sport discipline - took place in the world's largest climbing facility.

A building complex with more than 7800 m² of climbing and bouldering area makes the heart beat faster. From the beginner's route to the extreme challenges for professional athletes, there's a route for every level of ability. To ensure that athletes do not run out of air even under the greatest effort, HAHN louvre windows were installed to ensure the best air quality - an indea for your next indoor sports project?

Challenging sport needs appropriate equipment. Not only the sports equipment and materials have to be ideal, but also the environment must provide the best conditions possible. HAHN louvre windows deliver natural ventilation and optimize air quality considerably. As an option, our windows are available with ball-strike protection and are fall protection safe, manually or electrically operated, as a continuous window strip along the façade or specifically in individual rooms.

For use in shower rooms and swimming pools, waterproof drives can be used. For indoor or outdoor use and for improved surface resistance, pre-anodizing of the profiles for coating with suitable powders is carried out as required. Wherever Louvre Windows are an option, we will find a solution to suit your needs.

Pictures of the event can be found at: www.kbthalkirchen.de/gallerie/

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